To a Pessimistic End

Ben Sanderson: I came here to drink myself to death.


Oh, I grieve! I grieve! negativity has engulfed me,
In this time of despair no hope can I foresee.
My mind’s a cold sweat,
I can’t do anything, but fret.

I look out the window,
No silver linings are on show.
In the mirror, I look for direction,
The better half, left in the reflection.

I sulk, I anger, I gripe; when will this torturous time abate,
This cursed luck, this condemned fate.
Away with this cross! I plead with God,
Curled in my sleep, trapped in a pod.

Question life, Question God, Question my beliefs; why was I born? Why do I live?
All answers are in the negative.
My life’s color drained to black and white,
At the end of this tunnel, I’m beginning to believe there is no light.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock,
Fatal thoughts unwind with the clock.
I picture the end, regretting the past,
The Devil whispers “you can attain freedom, which will last.


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