To Grow

Josh: I wish I were big.

Big (1988)

My sister mourned, “I don’t want to be 21” and she still has two months to go. Must be a long time ago when I had a similar feeling. That feeling of wanting to never grow up. To be kid forever. We have all felt it, I assume. Its a paradox, when we are kids all we can think of, is getting bigger and then there is that crucial moment when we realize the trap. However as the birthdays go by we don’t botherĀ as much, either because we have no choice or we get accustomed to our adult selves. I recalledĀ a half written poem when I was much younger and had the same kind of wishful thinking. So I dug it up and started to work on it. The end result was a far cry from what had been put down before. The results are below for your leisure.

To Grow
– by Nikhil Pinto

To age and grow,
Life’s rule to abide.
No seed we sow,
Of this one-way ride.

As children no hurry,
To dream aplenty.
Never a worry,
Of ‘morrows certainty.

Thieving time,
Steals all away.
Childhood, a crime,
Of maturity the gray.

Toons and toys,
Had to abstain.
Heeded the killjoys,
Of the money train.

In divine intelligence to trust,
Never failed afore.
Bail us it must,
Of this longing for yore.

To love and breed,
Life, to create anew.
Rekindle the seed,
Of joys to renew.


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