Rock n Roll… and then work

Bluto: TOGA! TOGA!

Animal House (1978)

So you’re all dressed up and ready to leave for work. But somehow your energy levels aren’t really with you. You fret about the kind of day you are going have. You feel lethargic and unenthusiastic. You’re going through the motions with apathy. Well, the below list of songs is designed to help you through this horrible crisis. What we want is for you to walk out the door with some gusto and a spring in your step. The idea is for some background noise to consciously raise your heartbeat and get you moving. So while you finish knotting your shoe laces and getting your hair done this list is designed to get your mind and body revved up to tackle the day that lies before you. Just don’t be shaving while listening to this or you may end up cutting yourself. A few criteria kept in mind while making the list and choosing the songs.

  1. The therapy has got to be quick. No more than 15 minutes and you should be out your door with a smile and sway.
  2. Its all about rock n roll. It’s the obvious choice, we want you to leave rocking and rolling.
  3. No deep meaningful songs. We don’t want you to get into a pondering or brooding mode. No special lyrics to wonder at and cause us to lose track of time.
  4. The songs shouldn’t be of the rebellious kind. We want you to be able to reach your office with positive vibes and listening to something like Born To Be Wild is not going to be of any help.
  5. No beach songs. Period. That will only make you feel worse.

And the list…

  1. Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Berry

The perfect song to begin your therapy. I sometimes listen to classical music just before going to bed. I haven’t developed a ear for it yet, but I put on some of the famous guys; Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin and relax. However, come morning and you want your body to fill up with energy, just listen to Chuck Berry tell Beethoven to roll over. The perfect message for you to get your stride going. Just the intro and you will start to feel better.

  1. Fireball by Deep Purple

This one should serve to clear your head and keep a void long enough so that the rest of the tracks can complete your therapy. Just watch that heart rate creep up.

  1. Shout by The Isley Brothers

The centerpiece and the most powerful song on this list. If you have time for only one song, then this is the one. There is no question of holding back, so join in and shout a little bit louder! You got to exercise a little caution here, because it can throw you off the ledge and into party mode. Just remember it’s not Friday evening yet. Animal House fans, one word: Alligator!

  1. Travelin’ Band by Creedence Clearwater Revival

No Little Richard on the list, no problem. Trust in John Fogerty and his baritone vocals to keep you in shock and keep your pulses firing. Try and resist those jive impulses. Mime the song as you get your hair done in front of the mirror.

  1. Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones

This one should see you out the door and happily on your way to work. Therapy complete. “Hey! Ho! Let’s go!”

Now all that matters is the weekend where you can have a roman toga party… TOGA! TOGA!


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