And then there was blogging…

Christof: I am the Creator – of a television show that gives hope and joy and inspiration to millions.

The Truman Show (1998)

It’s been two months since I started blogging and I thought I would share the initial experience. I felt I should probably leave the retrospection to after six months. But then decided to do one now and another one after six months. There are enough lessons learned that I could share.

When I was initially toying with the idea to blog or not, I ran across this link that really sums up everything about blogging. I think I can attest to all the points given and since I cannot better it, I will not attempt to compile a new list. The below retrospection validates the list.

One of the first and most obvious things you are confronted with, is overcoming social fear. Voicing your opinions and thoughts to friends and relatives is one thing. But a blog is your voice to the whole world and that’s frightening. But, in truth, it’s is all in your head. My advice; take action and blog. The fear leaves like an unwelcome guest. Actually, you find folly in this fear very soon. In just the two months that I have been writing, I have received enough encouragement from people that puts this fear to bed. It actually boosts your confidence levels. Of course, don’t count on any blessings if you write something like “make war, not love”.

Another difficulty you face, is what to write about. It’s like having a writer’s block every weekend. Again, in truth this negative is a blessing in disguise. Blogging makes you filter out and choose the things that matter to you. Out of the various happenings in life, the thing you choose to write about will obviously be the thing you are most passionate about. Blogging will force you into becoming a thinker, becoming aware. Just to sit down and ruminate for a few hours every weekend is better than the robot that you would be in front of the T.V.

There are plenty of decisions to make for each post. The content, the format, the length, what you choose to include and what you choose to exclude. This mainly comes down to style of writing. I don’t think I have quite yet found “my style” of writing. But my guess is, it’s a process and it will continue to evolve. Writing is a bit more difficult for me since it’s not my profession. I spend anywhere from 4-8 hours for each post with an average of around 650 words per post. I usually spend an afternoon and/or an evening to type out the whole thing, proof read, edit the post and finally get it online. Doing it over the week is the better option, but it seems inspiration only hits when you are in a tight spot. I keep an unwritten promise that I will post once per week and so far have been able to stick to it. So, you are definitely tested on those essential principles of life; discipline and commitment. But that isn’t such a bad thing, is it? However, I have now decided to post every alternate week with the view to spending more time in shaping and refining each post. Probably when I’m more comfortable and proficient in my writing, I would switch back to one post a week.

Blogging will help better your English too. I couldn’t believe the amount of spellings I had forgotten. Who is to blame, with mobile chat reducing language to bunch of emoticons and abbreviations. I have also become more attentive to any new words I hear. I start thinking of all the ways I can incorporate them into a post. Except for my first post, I don’t allow anyone to read my posts until after I have posted them. The reason being, I don’t want the post to be influenced by someone else’s perceptions. Not really a rule of thumb, but if it gives you confidence to get one persons vote before going “live”, then by all means do it.

Personally, blogging has been great pick as a new hobby. The experience until now has been satisfying and worthwhile. It does take away some part of my weekend, but that to me, is fair trade. Of course, not everyone should blog. I guess a litmus test would be to evaluate if you enjoyed writing all those essays during your schooling days. In my case, I was pushed and coerced by a special friend, who thought I had a unique insight and a good enough command over English to start blogging. There is a definite thank you to her, although I have to someday write about her as part of the deal (talk about self obsession!!). On a serious I am glad I started.

Being able to create something out of nothing is the closest you get to God. That is what musicians, poets, artists, authors, etc. experience. The high of creation and its process. Unfortunately, I can’t justify comparison of my blogs to that high but it is better than a false T.V. show…


6 thoughts on “And then there was blogging…

    1. Well i force myself to start typing. Anything. Literally anything. I may just start typing what happened during the day or week.Then something sticks and i will hone in on it and explore it further. I will discard all the other stuff. Its also a good idea to make a note when ideas do hit you during the day or week. You can then explore them when you sit to write.

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  1. I totally agree with you n specially the last para.This is exactly my perspective too. My inspiration to write comes in a slightly different way…the thoughts come flooding into my mind and I remain restless till I write on that topic and publish it.
    Also I can’t correct or edit my post too many times…I feel too much editing of the original write-up somehow sucks the life out of it n it doesn’t match the exact thoughts I had in my mind.

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