A Crafty Halloween

Tatum: No, please don’t kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!

Scream (1996)

8:00 AM: I began the day with the usual zombie routine. Wake up dazed, scratch my groggy face and then my even groggier butt (in that order), brush away the tartar, pray to the other side of hell, read the newspaper, breakfast and so on.

10:30 AM: I start to browse the web for Halloween costume ideas. I start warming up to Freddy Kruger. I watch a couple of YouTube videos that provide me simple tips to make his claws and his burnt makeup. Then slowly the inspiration turns into an obsession and  an unwritten resolution is made; this day shall not pass without me turning into Freddy Kruger.

12:00 AM: I start on the craft work of making Freddy’s claws.

2:00 PM: With the claws in place, I leave the house to go find Freddy’s striped sweater, his hat, a cloth glove and a glue that I can apply to my face for Freddy’s makeup.

4:00 PM: I reach back home and it’s time to work on Freddy’s glove. The adrenaline is really flowing. I am enjoying myself, but I am concerned with the time limit. I got less than two hours to complete the glove. I start with gluing the claws and other moving parts to the cloth glove I purchased.

4:30 PM: It is time to paint the glove. I realize I don’t have paints or I can’t find them. I run out to buy the paints and a paintbrush. I get real hasty when I am following an obsession, so I make a mess. I paint the glove in all the wrong colors. Then I repaint it again.

5:45 PM: The glove is completed. Time to get ready and leave. Bathe, throw on some clothes and then Uber my way to the other part of the city.

8:45 PM: After a journey of more than 2 hours I reach my destination. All the sapped energy and boredom from sitting in the car vanishes and the adrenaline is back. I put on the striped shirt first and then start the makeup along with help from friends. The first step of getting the makeup done is to glue tissue paper to my face and next is to paint it. It’s a hash job. No one has any experience in doing it. The colors I bring are all wrong and it’s all done haphazardly. Then on goes the glove and finally the last piece of the puzzle, Freddy’s hat.

Well, onto babbling about the experience…

It was definitely a great day, just the kind of day you would like on a weekend. The entire experience of getting my hands dirty in craft work was a real stress buster. Indulging in papers, scissors, glue and paints was so much fun. It felt like being back in school.

Traffic on the weekend is a horror movie with you being villain and victim. Lesson learned, start the journey earlier. Another fun fact; Uber has maximum 2 hour limit on their ride per booking. If your ride doesn’t end in 2 hours you need to rebook and then continue your drive.

However the traffic couldn’t dampen the overall spirit. The hosts for the party, my friends, a married couple with a new born of less than 6 months put up a great atmosphere. A house so painstakingly decorated to create a creepy and frightful atmosphere. It put the mood right and made you want to kick back and relax the evening. What a pleasure it is to spend time in the company of friends who are glad to have you over and take the pains to make you welcome.

As for the final output of Freddy , I guess it was a 50-50. I got both the purchased items spot on: the shirt and the hat. That really helped me get the Freddy Kruger look. For the glove, it’s the color of the claws that was off; it appeared pink. However, it was a trump card and all the craft work paid off. The makeup was a disaster. It looked like I had poo on my face. But I am not too disappointed. I had my tryst with craft after long and got quality time to spend with friends. Anyway there’s always a next time. The obsession still remains as perfection beckons. So there will be a sequel…


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